Friday, 15 June 2012


Forgetting you has been the toughest for me
as I still remember the days
when you looked at me, you
told me that you will never leave me,
you said you will be there for me forever.

Its been weeks since you left me,
and it's gonna be years to me.
but I have been kept waiting for you
thinking you will return one day,
as that day never came by.
But I still remember you and love you
as always I have been doing.

I still remember when I used to love you,
when you meant the world to me,
when I adored you, gave you my heart,
when I gave you my life,
when I held you when you cried.
My tears just roll out when I think all this now.
Now I feel how precious were those times,
when I used to be with you,
when I used to talk to you,
when I used to think about you whole day.

I still remember our memories we made together,
I remember the way you would hug me,
how we sat and talked just for a while,
laughter the way we smiled,
I could feel the intensity of your embrace,
the heat of your breath,
the brightest smile of yours,
the curves of your face, the feel of your hair.
I still remember those golden days.

I still remember the first time we met,
your smile just caught my attention,
where I fell for you.
I still remember those days
where I had to bunk my classes just to meet you,
those days when we used to go for movies.
Its all history now as I am missing all those days,
missing your touch, your feel, your shining brown eyes
in which I used to look at it and admire.

I still remember all the pain, hurt, and fear
we both used to share among each other.
I remember how much I wanted to embrace you in my
arms and not let any thing hurt you.
I still remember how I used to console you
when you were in tears; a hug was all what you needed
I could feel the heartbeat of yours
whenever I used to hug you.
I just cannot forget all of these as I still love you,
from the bottom of my heart.
I'll remember it all until my dying day.
I love You........
Cheers !!


  1. I miss u so much ~
    Please be mine :'(

      I MISS YOU...... :'(